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Muji Blades.

Golden Pattern

The Goal.

Muji Blades, para-athlete, speaker, and entrepreneur, partnered with Taped to help bring his inspiring story to life through engaging video and marketing strategies.

The Approach:

Muji Blades contacted our team at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we knew that his story of triumph over adversity was exactly what our world needed - so we pivoted our design strategy to help bring Muji’s story to life. 

With pandemic restrictions in place, flexibility and safety way paramount to our success. Our team worked with Muji to adapt to new locations on the fly and stayed in constant communication through virtual consultations and scouting. Working through the preproduction process in a remote and safe way helped our team film an incredible story that will inspire everyone. 

To share Muji’s story, we decided on YouTube and Instagram platform distribution. After building out the niche messaging and determining what the target audience was, we knew the social media strategies that were most appropriate. 

Through constant collaboration, the Taped team and Muji Blades filmed and produced a 6-video series that focused on 6 unique key themes to bring Muji’s message of hope and tenacity to life.

Golden Pattern

The Results:

Muji Blades has used his social media-centric video series to engage his  audience in new ways. His brand has developed further as followers now have a better insight into Muji, his message, and accomplishments. His story now inspires countless others through engaging and high-quality video content that can be shared across platforms.

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