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Client Spotlight.

Golden Pattern

At TapedBoston, we have had the unique opportunity to work with a variety of clients across industries. Each client brought their unique style, personality, and challenges to our team and we worked with them to reach their goals.

Check out some of our smart packages which were uniquely-tailored for each client. Every Taped campaign is specifically designed to live on its respective platform and is optimized for audience engagement based on each client’s target audience and goals.


Spotlight: Muji Blades

Learn how Taped helped Muji Blades tell his story through A 6-Part YouTube Series


Spotlight: Euclid

Learn how Euclid raised $130,000 on Kickstarter with a highly-engaging product video.


Spotlight: Cannabusiness

Learn how cannabis legalization is leading businesses to reach out to consumers through video-based brand awareness campaigns. 


Spotlight: Frothy

Watch as Frothy was able to launch their brand new prototype to investors with a full social media smart package.

Coming Soon
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