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Dennis Perin

Dennis found a passion for painting later in life, discovering a talent that had lain dormant for many years. He now enjoys teaching others to find their own path with art.


Uncovering a basketball camp brought to Jamaica, this piece highlights the great work being done by a local nonprofit organization.

The Pursuit

Heather Rooney is one of the most talented photo-realistic artists in the world. Her work has been lauded by celebrities, and she has garnered a large following of fans. This is the first time she has ever agreed to do a sit-down interview.


Nupath is a day-away program for individuals with autism. They wanted to highlight the many amazing individuals who take part in their program with this documentary series.

Documentary-style projects and lifestyle videos are a great way to better connect with your audience. These projects showcase the story behind the brand or product you are creating. Based on what aspects of these videos viewers best connect with, we are able to adjust the scope of future projects to drive further engagement.

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