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A Kickstarter Success

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The Goal.

The team at Euclid contacted Taped in search of a promotional video that they could utilize to launch their new product’s Kickstarter campaign. Not only did they want an informational video about their product - an innovative measuring cup - but they desired a video and still frame product photography that drew in viewers and converted them to backers.

The Approach:

For a Kickstarter, our team knew that a smart media package was necessary to help share the story of Euclid and their product in a meaningful way. To accomplish this goal, we worked with the Euclid team to plan a single-day video and photography shoot. Together we developed a strategy that would tell the Euclid story while driving viewers to their Kickstarter and help them reaching their funding goals.

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The Results:

With the addition of their brand new Taped smart package, the team at Euclid saw their campaign be fully funded - with over $130,000 raised in one day, as well as features in news sites such as Forbes, the New York Times, and many others.

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