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The Goal.

The Goal: With the legalization of marijuana, cannabis dispensaries are looking for new ways to reach current and future clients through high-quality product content. Their hope is to differentiate themselves as a leader in a rapidly growing market.

The Approach:

With the legal cannabis market growing exponentially, there has never been a better time for businesses to begin marketing their products to consumers. However, the digital marketing world has not yet caught up to the marijuana industry - with many social platforms still limiting company’s abilities to post paid ads about these products.


To help these companies reach clients in a legal and effective way, the team at Taped created several smart packages that included videos for websites and advertisements, as well as product shots for ecommerce. The final product would allow the cannabis clients to showcase their products on viable channels.


Our team worked with clients directly to capture videos focused on delivery for broadcast television and niche cannabis apps, as opposed to standard internet delivery. However, the videos can be utilized across platforms as regulations continue to evolve. 

Golden Pattern

The Results:

These “cannabusinesses” were able use their new videos and product photography to elevate their branding and separate themselves from the growing market competition. With engaging and informative content that were built for the best platforms, they were able to significantly increase their sales traffic and brand awareness.

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