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Meet Taped.

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Telling stories. Delivering results.


TapedBoston is a full-service production company specializing in high-quality digital media. Our Boston-based studio is home to a network of award winning creators, directors, producers, and editors dedicated to helping you tell your story. We seek to be your creative partner, not just to film and produce your videos.

In today’s world, just about anyone with a smartphone can shoot a video and call themselves a creator. However, we believe that true brand development and design can only be captured with experience and vision. Taped is here to help you take your designs to the next level with high-quality cinematography and photography.

Get in touch today to discover how our team of passionate creators - powered by a bit too much coffee - will help you bring your story to life in ways you could never imagine.

The Taped Story.

The story of TapedBoston begins with a few independent Boston-based video creators. While each was strong on their own, they soon realized the power of coming together under one roof. As children of the digital age, we have seen the impact that our videos have had on enhancing the success of our clients.

To help us provide top-tier results, we have built a team of outstanding and fun creators and brought them together under the TapedBoston roof. Our team differs from most production houses in that we have expertise in a wide array of areas including media and advertising - helping us partner with our clients for the long term.

At Taped, our team aims to combine technical filmmaking chops with results-driven strategies that win. Our smart media packages help us leverage your content in a cost-effective manner. Want to help us write the next chapter of the Taped story? Contact us today to learn more!


Meet The Team.

We are proud to feature some of the industry’s most creative and fun-loving designers, marketing strategists, and production professionals. Get to know our team below, and contact us today to chat!

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