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Video Production
Built for tomorrow

We Create Videos That Work. It’s that simple.

TapedBoston is a battle-tested video production company and content creation partner.
Our team of strategists create smart media packages that will help your brand tell it’s story while maximizing your available budget. Our smart packages combine the power of long and short-form video with high-quality still images that will showcase your brand, products, and services to the right customers.

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DetraPel Fabric Protector
TAMO Restaurant
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Getting Started With TapedBoston.




Partner With Us To Build Your Project’s Goals & Budget



Bring Your Project To Life With Innovative Video, Photography, & More.




Launch Your New Project To The World & Monitor For Ongoing Success, Adjusting your Video Journey In Direct Response To Your Results.


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Frequently asked Questions.

  • Why do people choose Taped as their video production company?
    At Taped, we believe that the quality of our videos speaks for itself. However, in today’s digital-first world, just one good-looking video isn't enough. We ensure that our videos reach customers with personality and visual storytelling across a variety of channels with long and short form video as well as high-quality product photography. Taped uses state of the art, professional video and photography equipment - as well as a network of industry leading professionals - to create the highest quality video content. Need multiple media products for use across different channels? Our streamlined process and in-house studio allows us to create efficient media packages. This allows us to create various products in a single video shoot - saving you time and money. In addition to high-quality videos, our media strategy experts allow you to maximize the results of your dollar spend. Taped provides an all-in-one marketing experience for any customer To learn more about our team's successes, click here!
  • What services do we offer?
    The heart of what we do is help deliver our clients' messages. We love telling our stories through engaging imagery - and we have a ton of fun doing it! When we design our content packages for clients, we often recommend the addition of photography to help you get the most out of capture day. Leveraging our team of photographers, we are able to produce vivid poster-size images and 360-degree eCommerce product photos. We also offer Virtual Production experiences where we invite the client to our set from wherever they are - ensuring that you can oversee every aspect of your shoot even when you can’t be there in person.
  • How much do our video production services cost?
    Taped Video Production packages start at 3k and go up to 15k. Our content packages start at 3.5k and go up to 20k. There are tons of variables that affect these numbers such as: Number of videos needed The complexity of filming Number of subjects/products Number of different setups Number of shoot days Location (studio or on location) probably catch the drift. But no worries - our team is here to help educate and guide you to the project scope and style that makes sense for your brand and needs! Give us a call or shoot us an email and we'll generate a free estimate specifically for you!
  • How long does the process take?
    While we are passionate about video perfection, we are also fast - helping you use your brand new video content quickly. From start to finish, a video package typically takes between 3-4 weeks from Kick-off call to first draft. We also provide expedited services.
  • What is our video company's process?
    We kick off every new project with a client-focused listening session. This is the most important step for us. After we spend time getting to know you and your brand, we will work together to build a video or content strategy and a budget that is designed to create content that achieves your goals. Once the strategy is locked in, we move on to production. To learn more about the production process click here!
  • What makes our video production company different?
    Nowadays, pretty much anyone with a smartphone can shoot a video and run a simple campaign. Some are even good at making their videos look pretty impressive! However, few understand how to help a brand or company reach measurable goals with their content. At Taped, we are here to make videos designed for the now. This means that every video we shoot and produce is designed to reach, engage, and drive measurable results. It's not enough to make something look good - we make stuff that wins. Click the link below to find out more about us and our team's track record for success!
  • Can I just get one video?
    Of course! Our creative team will work with you to help you get the most amount of video content for your buck. With a setup fee for all packages, the more videos and images you get - the more the cost decreases. We structure our pricing this way because at the heart of Taped we believe that one video isn't enough to leverage the cost for production and get the results our clients are looking for.
  • What is a content package?
    This is our bread and butter. Not to be confused with a cookie-cutter. A content package is a combination of videos and stills designed around a strategy that is fit for your needs and budget. We assess what type of package makes sense depending on budget, goals, and bandwidth. With creative planning, our team of experts can leverage on average 3 videos and multiple still images from a 4-hour session.
  • What is the Taped Program?
    In today’s digital-first world, brands must engage customers across all platforms and trends. When trends change quickly, it may be necessary to pivot and adapt. When you are looking to build a long-term strategy, join the Taped Program! The Taped Program allows clients to utilize our team on retainer for priority video scheduling and reduced prices. We invest back into your company as you invest in us as we learn your company’s goals, mission, voice, and more!
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